Audi electronic parking brake problems

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Audi electronic parking brake problems

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Working on the Electro-Mechanical Parking Brake (EPB)

Recently got new A4 avant manual with the new fangled electronic brake which is great on the flat but I had the most terrifying experience on a very steep ramp in the multi storey at Olympia recently.

I had stopped almost at the top of slope and applied the e brake. Then every time I attempted to move away the car lurched back before the clutch would bite bringing me closer and closer to hitting something. It was a nightmare almost burnt the clutch out getting to safety in the end.

Is there a knack to these things? Dr G 13, posts months. I stalled an S5 on a hill today as it was slighty too slow in releasing - weird. Tame Technician 2, posts months. The brake pads and so how tight the hand brake grips when it is on, is self adjusting and will always be enough to hold the car on a hill.

The car doesnt really know where the biting point is, because as the clutch wears it moves. So "technically" the car can release the brake before there is enough bite from the clutch to hold it on a hill. Although I've never seen one do it. The car has a clutch pedal switch which is activated only when the pedal is fully down and a position sensor that measures where it is from just off the switch to its almost comletely up.

Typically this is when there is enough torque to hold the car on the clutch. But while I've never heard of it before, its definetely posible if the hill was steep enough the clutch might not be up enough when the brake is released.

Try Hold on hill, lift clutch until just about biting or stalling, then apply some throttle to make the car release the brake. If you really think its dangerous, pop it in to the centre and have them check it, nearly all our complaints are pilot error making the brake not release, one releasing early could do with some investigation and posibly DISS report to Audi UK, although I'm pretty sure they'll say its a characteristic of the system.

Dilligaf10 2, posts months. To be fair this system works beautifully on an auto, I use it all the time. Thanks for feedback. I'm laid up with a broken ankle at the moment but will try out your advice when I'm mobile again.

There is a hill assist option, but wasn't on my car and it can't be retro fitted so there must be some reason why Audi offer this. Problem is I also tow a caravan so I'm very concerned how it will behave with 1. What do you do at traffic lights? Hold the car on the brake and dazzle people behind with your brakes lights? I have an A6 manual still under warranty. Since I have had it I have had all kinds of problems, I'll post the rest in the appropriate discussion point but the issue I have with the electronic brake is that it switches itself off at random intervals, even when I'm not in the car.

The most serious incident was when I parked on hill to speak to some people I knew.

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I had been chatting for about 15 minutes when suddenly my car just rolled out into queueing traffic.Post by andy. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests.

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Quick links. This has happened to me and my wife when driving from stationary in both first and reverse gears. Seat belts were being worn and doors were shut.

audi electronic parking brake problems

The problem was initially intermittent but over a week became constant. On one occasion when parked on an incline with a wall in front several attempts of releasing whilst in reverse resulted in getting closer and closer to the wall before finally getting the parking brake to free-up by constantly dipping the throttle. I know there is a manual way of getting it to release by depressing the brake pedal and flicking the switch but this is not suitable for all occasions and more to the point shouldn't generally be necessary.

Took it back to the dealer and was able to demonstrate the problem several times to the 'Master Technician' who arranged for it to be booked in two weeks hence. As the time approached for the service appointment the problem became intermittent again and guess what after 24 hours, with the dealer and their Master Technicians, it had gone and they were unable to replicate it.

Brought the car home tonight but a bit concerned it will happen again. Happened once in traffic and caused me to start to roll back! Fortunately caught it in time before rolled into car behind. Just had the car serviced and Audi said that they could find no fault with the system. Need to go back and demonstrate to Audi if it becomes persistent enough. That may have been the problem and the fix for it.

Since the first instance though I think it damaged the clutch which slips a little on occasions when setting off. Naturally Audi can find no fault! Done over 40K now and will look to trade it in in the next six months or so.

Re: Parking Brake Post by andy. No hill hold. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Follow Us. Copyright Not associated with Audi.Conehead Jul 15, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Electronic Parking Brake problem Conehead Jul 15, Hi all, I have a 4. The parking brake would not release on the right rear wheel so called out AA who said it was a siezed caliper but wound it back so that I could move the car. Today I took it to a local garage who used vcds to try and sort it out but also said the caliper has not seized, it is coming up with a couple of faults: System Function Test Fail, Right Rear brake motor open circuit and also the EPB control keeps dropping out with no comms.

I have said about the wire having a problem fraying on this years model where it connects to the caliper which they checked and said it was okay. Any suggestions as to what to try or it could possibly be? Cheers for now. ConeheadJul 15, May be the motor on the calliper.

Audi electronic parking brake rubbish or just me?

Although sealed from the factory dirt does get in over time and the gearing can be chewed up causing it to not release thats why a manual wind back works but not the electronic through vag com.

Cheers for that, will try that in morning. I have checked the wiring back further and it is all okay. The button in the car operates the nearside brake with no problem so guess that the switch is okay along with the EPB Module as must be sending a signal to the brakes.The indicator lamp in the switch will light up.

The indicator lamp in the switch will go out. Your vehicle is equipped with an electro-mechanical parking brake. The parking brake replaces the conventional handbrake, and is mainly intended to prevent the vehicle from rolling away accidentally.

However, the electro-mechanical parking brake also offers a number of convenience and safety features in addition to the functions of a normal handbrake. Never press the accelerator pedal or release the clutch inadvertently if a gear is engaged or if the selector lever is not in position P or N on automatic vehicles while the vehicle is stationary with the engine running.

The vehicle could otherwise start moving immediately and possibly cause an accident. If the symbol flashes in the centre display, or if the warning lamp flashes in the instrument cluster, there is a fault in the brake system. You can press the button to obtain a message explaining the fault. If the message Parking brake! Please note the following points to ensure there is no risk of the car rolling away accidentally after it is parked. The parking brake auto release function releases the parking brake automatically when you wish to start moving.

How to Change Rear Brake Discs and Pads with Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) - Audi VW Skoda Seat VAG

On vehicles with automatic gearbox, you can apply the parking brake when stopping at traffic lights, etc. Then you do not have to hold the car with the footbrake, as the parking brake will stop it creeping forward while a gear is engaged in the automatic transmission.

When you drive off in the normal way, the parking brake will be released automatically and the vehicle will start moving. When driving away on a gradient, the parking brake auto release function prevents the vehicle from rolling back unintentionally. The braking force of the parking brake is only released when there is enough power at the wheels to make the vehicle move in the desired direction. For safety reasons the parking brake will only release automatically if the driver's seat belt is engaged in its buckle.

Please note the following points to prevent the vehicle from rolling back unintentionally on a gradient.

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Depending on the weight of the vehicle and trailer and the steepness of the slope, there may be a tendency to roll back downhill when driving away from a standstill. You can prevent this by pulling out the parking brake switch as you press the accelerator in the same way as with a conventional handbrake.Remember me.

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My Photo Gallery: 0. My Classifieds: 0. Register or Log In now! I was driving home today and all of a sudden my car spit out two errors, Parking Brake Malfunction Error and the Air Bag light went on. I don't know what could of caused the error, I wasn't doing anything specific just driving normally, and poof, two errors were spit out.

I figured I'd drove home and check the manual, so when I got home I parked the car, turned it off, and turned it back on again just to see if it would throw the errors again, and they were gone. I engaged the parking brake, which was fine and didn't show any errors.

I checked the manual when I got in the house and it said to press the SET button to explain the malfunction in more detail, which I didn't do and can't do now that the error was gone. It also reports that I should go have it repaired immediately by an Audi dealer. What do you guys think?

June 2009 Issue

Has this happened to anyone? Let me know! Ibis White A4 2. Same thing happened to me a few months ago, the errors went away by the next day. Take it to your dealer and have them check it out just in case. I had this. There is a connector under the seat that can get knocked loose or be damaged by things like taking it to the car wash.

The dealer will know how to fix it. Thanks for the info guys, I'm going to take it soon, just thought I'd get some info before I walk in clueless Originally Posted by Caster. To be modified I just got the "parking brake malfunction" error this evening too.

I'm almost due for my 15k service. Just not sure how safe it is or if I'll break something by driving this way for a long distance. Do you have access to a vagcom?

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The vagcom would tell you exactly what's going on.Are you the type who consults the service manual only when you get stuck, or do you take the time to review repair procedures in advance? Brake system service is one repair area often taken for granted.

audi electronic parking brake problems

Depending on how old you are, you might remember seasoned technicians complaining about the transition from front drum brakes to front disc brakes, or about the addition of rear disc brake systems. Did you find yourself making the same comments or complaints when you had to purchase a tool to depress the rear disc brake caliper piston, by rotating the piston into the caliper?

This new tool is required for vehicles with parking brake systems that mechanically adjusted the rear disc brake caliper piston. Vehicle braking systems have changed over the years, but they remained very simple for the most part and, up until 10 years ago, still required very basic tools.

The addition of antilock braking systems ABS became a very big concern, and many of us attended training sessions to learn how to handle potential problems. This was a big leap for many technicians, because now electronics were involved in mechanical systems. The basic brake system now included ABS control modules, wheel speed sensors and electrically operated hydraulic actuators.

Technicians who never needed or wanted to use a scan tool now needed one for some basic services. The scan tool is now an essential part of brake service. Up until a few years ago, the primary use for a scan tool was for checking ABS codes and bleeding the brakes following a hydraulic module replacement. The advent of new braking technology, as well as fluid servicing systems and the appearance of hybrid vehicles, are changing how some of these systems are serviced.

Vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce weight and enhance vehicle safety systems. The electronic parking brake system uses a rear disc brake caliper that looks standard, except for the solenoid assembly attached to the back of the caliper.

The driver uses a switch on the center console to request parking brake engagement. This request is received by the electronic parking brake control module, which then applies electrical current to the parking brake solenoid. In other words, the control module monitors the amperage used to apply pressure, and cuts power once the amperage reaches approximately 16 amps. One interesting feature: If the parking brake has not been used during the last mi. The parking brake adjustment is critical for the DriveAssist feature on manual transmission vehicles.

The parking brake is automatically applied based on vehicle tilt angle, accelerator pedal position, clutch pedal position and clutch pedal movement speed.

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Would you begin the service right away, relying on experience, or would you consult a service manual first? What you decide to do will make the difference between a good repair and a big mistake.What's new New posts Latest activity.

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audi electronic parking brake problems

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Electronic Parking Brake Problem. Thread starter roth91 Start date Jun 24, Just letting everyone know I experienced this problem yesterday for the second time since owning the car.

I would start up the car and get the error message. The brake light would flash at me. I even took a picture and video to show the dealership.

I asked the dealership several times about this issue over the past 3 weeks and they told me my car was not part of the recall and all my software has been updated. The lesson I learned NEVER believe the service manager. When the technician examined my car, he found the error codes in the computer and performed the software update. This is a major problem. You don't want the parking brake to malfunction as you are going 75 MPH down the highway.

audi electronic parking brake problems

The dealership told me that once they diagnosed this particular issue, they were not allowed to give me the car back until after they fixed it. That is how serious it was. It is a good thing I was persistent and forced the technician to examine the car. If you ever see this message, bring the car in.

The computer will save the code and you will need a software update. Why would you engage the parking brake when you are going 75mph? Do you mean regular brake?

How prevalent is this issue? Is it something that is going to be an official recall on or?

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Last edited: Jun 24, Guess what - the "parking brake" is also your "Emergency Brake"! I've had this happen some mornings when I start my car up and either a rain storm had passed by or the dew was really heavy and this message would come on. I figured it was something about a sensor or mechanism getting too wet because the brake itself would function normally. I'll be sure to bring this up next time I get the oil changed.

I have issue releasing my parking brake. My solution is to not using parking brake at all. I don't blame him for that concern.


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